In this tutuorial we will see how to send bulk sms using telnyx api its good sender to send sms with link its php and javascript project using that you can easy send your sms to any countries telnyx also provider the messageing profile to pool your connection you can increase your sms sending limit using pooled connection.

How to add your telnyx API & Number?

Download the zip file in the project directory you will see multiple_number.php you can add your telnyx api and telnyx number to power on the tool you can watch video for more details.

How to controll the sending speed?

go to this location C:\xampp\htdocs\telnyx\assets\mail.js in this file when you scroll down you will see there is settimeout function to controll the sedning limit 1000ms means 1 secound you can control you sending milit.

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Download source code

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