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NodeJS Tutorials

NodeJS is an open source platform to create a Runtime environment it provides event driven, non blocking (asynchronous), cross platform, Runtime environment for building highly scalable web applications using JavaScript.

How to Create Java Game For Beginners: Where to Start

Java is widely used to develop mobile games, If you are thinking of making your first Java game in Java, you have to work hard to learn Java game programming,

How to Fix a Database Connection Error

We use PHP and MySQL together without any problem on our website. and one day your PHP gives an error is database connection error this is not a big problem we can fix it easily.

How to Find Out If PHP Is Running on Your Web Server

Most of the server support PHP and MySQL but if you are having a problem running PHP code so how will We will check my server PHP code supporting or not.

Why Use PHP?

If you have a website I am sure you are familiar with HTML. PHP and HTML are interchangeable inside the page. You can put PHP outside the HTML or inside.

My Address book in PHP

In this chapter we can learn an address book in PHP where a user can login and they can add new contacts , manage contacts, update and delete the contacts.

Understanding How PHP Sessions Work

In PHP, a session provides a way to save the preferences of visitors to a web page on a web server in the form of variables that can be used on multiple pages. r

How to Display File Modification Date in PHP

In this chapter we will learn filemtime() PHP function, this will return date and time the last time a file was modified on the website.

msg91 woocommerce plugin to send notification and OTP SMS

Hi in this chapter, we will see msg91 woocommerce wordpress plugin to send SMS and OTP.you can integrate install and activate to registration form, contact form, this plugin will not allow you to submit your form without

How to login securely in PHP only #Admin can create new user

Hi in this tutorial we gonna learn how to login securely in PHP this is a different type of login functionality you can protect the page and only the admin can register a new user and the admin give a username password

How To Allow File Uploads With PHP

In this chapter we can learn how to upload a file on a server using PHP with some file validation The things, We will learn from scratch will not escape steps in this chapter.

How to use Getenv() PHP Function To get IP address

In this chapter, We will learn how to use getenv() PHP function to retrieve or an environment variable client IP address.

How to Create Tables in phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdminis a type of software where we can write our MySQL queries. It means we can create tables, delete tables, updated tables, join tables and anything we can do in phpMyAdmin.'

How to generate a random number in PHP

The rand() function is used to generate a random integer. The rand() PHP function, It generates numbers within a specific range, such as a number between 20 and 50.

PHP code for Contact form and send mail using mail function

Hey guys so in this chapter we gonna learn contact us form in PHP to send email of a form data to recipient so here we will learn everything from scratch will not skip any steps.

How to Upload Large Files in PHP

In this chapter, we will cover how to increase the limit of uploading file in PHP using .htaccess this is an Apache configuration file we can do many things with this but this tutorial is just only for uploading large file size.

create dynamic pdf send as attachment with email in php

In this tutorial, we gonna learn, How to generate PDF dynamically and send a mail with PDF attachment using PHPMailer in PHP.

twilio sms api php example

In this tutorial, I will teach to how to use our Communications REST API of Twilio to send SMS using the Twilio PHP helper library.

Upload resume and send mail with attachment in php

Hi in this tutorial, PHP beginners can learn how to upload a resume and send mail with attachment in PHP.

How to send SMS using MSG91 API in PHP

In this tutorial I am gonna teach you how to send SMS using msg91 API in PHP everything we will learn about msg91 for sending SMS.