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How to fetch data from Database in PHP PDO using loop?

in this chapter, We will learn How to fetch data from Database in PHP PDO using loop

Java Constructors

A constructor in Java is a special method used to initialize objects. The constructor is called when an object of a class is created.

Center a DIV horizontally and vertically HTML & CSS Tutorial

in this chapter we will see how to center a DIV horizontally and vertically using CSS For all modern browsers

How to easily Generate Random Numbers in Java

Random class in Java to generate random numbers here is a simple example to generate Random numbers. Generate the random number between 100

Display the Date & Time using toString() Java Tutorial

In this tutorial we will learn how to display date and time using the Using Date() class. We will make the object of the date class call the toString() function it will return current date and time.

How to Read File in Java with BufferedReader example

In this chapter we can learn how to read a file using bufferedreader. BufferedReader Is a java class that reads a text from an input stream by buffering characters that seamlessly reads characters, arrays or lines and FileReader class read file.

Add or remove input fields dynamically in PHP using jQuery

in this chapter we will learn how to Add or remove input fields dynamically in PHP using jQuery and insert data in database

How to run many parallel HTTP requests using Node.js ?

Node.js receives multiple requests from a client and places them into a queue NodeJS is built on the concept of event driven architecture. There is no limit to the process request; it can handle infinite loops & execute them.

Gmail SMTP to send emails in PHP using PHPmailer

Allow less secure app https://myaccount.google.com/lesssecureapps Download the PHPmailer Class file and attach in below code. se PHPmailer. This is a library that allows sending SMTP mails in PHP.

How to Dynamic Add Rows in Jqeury, PHP and MySQLi

In this chapter we will see how to add form input dynamically using jQuery and insert data in the database using PHP.

How To Install NodeJs And NPM On Windows

NodeJS executes JavaScript code on a runtime so NodeJS is a Runtime environment to render data before delivering to a web browser. Npm stands for node package manager

How are .ejs files different from .HTML files?

We define the HTML variable in the EJS engine and how and where to transfer data on the page. generate markup templates and make the login and generate final HTML pages.

NodeJS Tutorials

NodeJS is an open source platform to create a Runtime environment it provides event driven, non blocking (asynchronous), cross platform, Runtime environment for building highly scalable web applications using JavaScript.

How to Create Java Game For Beginners: Where to Start

Java is widely used to develop mobile games, If you are thinking of making your first Java game in Java, you have to work hard to learn Java game programming,

How to Fix a Database Connection Error

We use PHP and MySQL together without any problem on our website. and one day your PHP gives an error is database connection error this is not a big problem we can fix it easily.

How to Find Out If PHP Is Running on Your Web Server

Most of the server support PHP and MySQL but if you are having a problem running PHP code so how will We will check my server PHP code supporting or not.

Why Use PHP?

If you have a website I am sure you are familiar with HTML. PHP and HTML are interchangeable inside the page. You can put PHP outside the HTML or inside.

My Address book in PHP

In this chapter we can learn an address book in PHP where a user can login and they can add new contacts , manage contacts, update and delete the contacts.

Understanding How PHP Sessions Work

In PHP, a session provides a way to save the preferences of visitors to a web page on a web server in the form of variables that can be used on multiple pages. r