Java is similar to C++, which is a direct descendant of C. Java is derived from these two languages.

C Language

C Language was invented and first implemented by Dennis Ritchie and formally standardized in December 1989.


During the 1970s and 80s, C was a successful and useful language, But there was more complexity to handle the system and then decided to develop C++. the better way to handle complexity in c++ with Object-oriented programming (OOP) Concepts.

Finally, The Creation of Java

Java was developed by James Gosling, Patrick Naughton, Chris Warth, Ed Frank, and Mike in 1991.

Java initially called "Oak" but renamed "JAVA" in 1995 

Why should you learn Java?

  • Simple
  • Secure
  • Portable
  • Object-oriented
  • Robust
  • Multithreaded
  • Architecture-neutral
  • Interpreted
  • High performance
  • Distributed
  • Dynamic