The history of Java begins with the Green Team. The Green Team also known as Java Team started this project to develop a language for digital media such as set-top boxes, televisions, etc. However, it was suited for internet programming. Later, Java technology was incorporated by Netscape.

The principles for creating Java programming were "Simple, Robust, Portable, Platform-independent, Secured, High Performance, Multithreaded, Architecture Neutral, Object-Oriented, Interpreted, and Dynamic". Java was developed by James Gosling, who is known as the father of Java, in 1995. James Gosling and his team members started the project in the early '90s.

James Gosling

James Gosling, the inventor of the Java programming language and the virtual machine, skipped many of his math and physics classes in high school. His teachers knew it, but they still gave him A's. That's because Gosling said, they knew why she was missing classes. He worked for the physics department at the University of Calgary, writing software for satellites.

Why “Oak”?

  • Why Oak? Oak is a symbol of strength and chosen as a national tree of many countries like the U.S.A., France, Germany, Romania, etc.
  •  In 1995, Oak was renamed as "Java" because it was already a trademark by Oak Technologies.


Why had they chosen the name Java for the Java language? The team met to choose a new name. Suggested words were "dynamic", "revolutionary", JAVA, DNA, SILK, RUBY, etc.. They wanted something that reflected the essence of technology: revolutionary, dynamic, alive, fresh, unique and easy to spell and fun to say.

Java Version History

  • JDK Alpha and Beta (1995)
  • JDK 1.0 (23rd Jan 1996)
  • JDK 1.1 (19th Feb 1997)
  • J2SE 1.2 (8th Dec 1998)
  • J2SE 1.3 (8th May 2000)
  • J2SE 1.4 (6th Feb 2002)
  • J2SE 5.0 (30th Sep 2004)
  • Java SE 6 (11th Dec 2006)
  • Java SE 7 (28th July 2011)
  • Java SE 8 (18th Mar 2014)
  • Java SE 9 (21st Sep 2017)
  • Java SE 10 (20th Mar 2018)
  • Java SE 11 (September, 25th 2018)
  • Java SE 12 (March, 19th 2019)
  • Java SE 13 (September, 17th 2019)
  • Java SE 14 (March, 17th 2020)
  • Java SE 15 (September, 15th 2020)
  • Java SE 16 (Expected on March 2021)