Bootstrap 4 uses a collection of content modes to display text, code blocks, responsive images, tab format data etc on a web page.

Lists of the components content methods

The following table lists the content methods you can use to manage Bootstrap 4 -

MethodsĀ Description
AlertsSection specifies a predefined message of user actions.
BadgesBadges are used to highlight additional details in content.
BreadcrumbUsed to show information based on site administrators.
ButtonsBootstrap provides a click button to place content such as text and images.
Button groupButton groups allow multiple buttons to be grouped together in a single line.
CardsA card is a content container that shows a box corresponding to a specific entry in it.
CarouselCarousel is a flexible, responsive way to add a slide to your site.
CollapseUsed to show or hide content.
DropdownsDrop-down menus can be used to display links in list format.
FormsThe form object is used to collect input from the user.
Input groupUsing input groups you can easily configure and add text or buttons to text-based input.
JumbotronIncreases the size of the titles and adds a lot of limit to the content of the landing page.
ModalModal child window is placed above the parent window.
NavsBootstrap provides your site navigation features in a horizontal menu.
NavbarNavbar provides navigation topics for your application or site.
PaginationPagination is used to classify relevant content across multiple pages.
PopoversPopover is like a Tooltips, which offers a fully extended view of the topic.
ProgressThe progress bar shows the continuation of the process with integrated bars, background animation, and text labels.
ScrollspyScrollspy is used to show the currently active link in the menu based on the browsing area.
TooltipsThe Tooltip is useful when you need to define a link.