What Is MySQL

This tutorial supports you answer the question: what is MySQL? And give you the reasons why MySQL is the world’s most famous open-source database.

The most effective method to Import CSV file data to MySQL in CodeIgniter 4

CSV is a widely used format for exchanging data between applications. import CSV file data to the MySQL website for the CodeIgniter 4 project.

How to upload an image file and preview in CodeIgniter

With file uploading, the user can import data and upload media files to the server.

How to connect MySql database with php

How to connect MySql database with php. Try the following example to connect to a MySQL server −

PHP and MySQL query to update record

First, connect to the database then check the connection Updating person email where id is 1 from the person table

PHP MySQL Create Database

Let's do an SQL query using the CREATE DATABASE, after that, We will execute this SQL query by passing it to the PHP mysqli_query () function to finally create our database.

PHP MySQL Login System

In this tutorial, we'll create a simple registration and login system using PHP and MySQL. Execute the following SQL query to create the user's table inside your MySQL database.

PHP CRUD Operation With MySQL

PHP CRUD stands for Create, Edit, Update, and Delete. Whenever PHP crud starts, that time will have required database connectivity using PHP.

Crud Operation With Mysql Using Codeigniter

CRUD means to create, read, update, and delete. If you want to create a CRUD operation in Codeigniter, configure the first database, and connect the MySQL database after creating the CRUD operation in Codeigniter.

PHP - MySQL Login Example

create a sign-in page with the MySQL Database. Before entering the code section, you will need to create MySQL databases.