How to remove .html extension from URL of a static page

All pages on the website have a structure provided by HTML. HTML provides the structure of content, text, tables, titles, and lists on a web page that makes the page easy to read.

PHP Send an email through HTML (Contact) Form using PHPMailer

contact us form in PHP this form will send a mail to the user and admin as well when user type subject email and query means message the subject and message will get a recipient

HTML5 doctype

All HTML page must begin with a <! DOCTYPE>. it tells the browser this page is HTML 5

Encode and decode HTML Tags PHP htmlentities() and html_entity_decode()

PHP Encoding and Decoding Tags Using htmlentities() and html_entity_decode(), Encoding and Decoding HTML Tags In User Gathered Input Forms

How to select and upload multiple files with HTML and PHP

Code will help to to select and upload multiple files with HTML and PHP. enctype="multipart/form-data" and multiple will help you

HTML Tutorial

HTML is Hypertext Markup Language. It is the standard markup language and used for creating web pages.

HTML Code Editors

there is lots of code editor available but if you are a beginner and wants to learn HTML you can go with notepad

HTML basic concepts

HTML basic concepts: <!DOCTYPE html> It's an HTML5 declaration and tells the browser to display web pages correctly.

HTML elements and attributes

Elements - every tag is called an element in HTML Attribute - is the property or additional information of an element. the attribute is also an element in HTML

HTML Heading Levels

The heading is the title or caption that you want to display on a webpage. In HTML have <h1> to <h6> tags. you can define as you want according to your web page design