Hi in this chapter, we will see msg91 woocommerce wordpress plugin to send SMS and OTP.you can integrate install and activate to registration form, contact form, this plugin will not allow you to submit your form without entering OTP this awesome plugin. 

Yu can download this plugin from here as free:


This plugin allows you to verify mobile number by sending a one time SMS/OTP to the user entered mobile number

You can verify mobile number on Contact form 7 and any registration form. It will not allow the form to be submitted before completing the SMS/OTP verification.

What does this plugin?

1-MSG91: You can choose MSG91 API to send messages. All you have to do is get your auth key from MSG91 to send messages from the below link:


2-Twilio: It can use TWILIO API to send messages . All you have to do is get your api key from TWILIO to send messages from the below link:


Thanks, May this plugin help you.