Health insurance is an insurance that covers the whole or a part of the risk of a person incurring medical expenses, spreading the risk over numerous persons.

Health insurance is essential for a living being.

Medical costs nowadays a very high. As a matter of fact, inflation in Medicare is higher than the inflation in food and other articles. While inflation in food and clothing is very low, Medicare costs usually escalate in higher numbers.

For an individual who hasn’t saved that much money for this, arranging for funds at the time like this can be a task. This is particularly daunting for seniors, given that most ailments strike at an advanced age.

One way to provide for health-related / medical emergencies is to take health insurance. Health insurance offers considerable flexibility in terms of disease / ailment coverage. For instance, certain health insurance plans cover as many as 40 critical illnesses and over 85 surgical procedures. The insurance plan disburses the payment towards surgery/illness regardless of the actual medical expenses.

The policy continues even after the benefit payment on selected illnesses.

With health insurance, you are relieved and also assured future both health-wise and money-wise. This makes health insurance policies critical for individuals, especially if they are responsible for the financial well-being of the family.

There are some insurance policies provided by some of the prestigious companies: