Hello Devs, 

In this tutorial, we will learn CSS Border

The CSS border is used to set a border for an HTML element. The CSS border specifying the style, color, size of the border.

The CSS border properties are given below

  • border-style
  • border-color
  • border-width
  • border-radius


<!DOCTYPE html>
p.dotted {border-style: dotted;}
p.dashed {border-style: dashed;}
p.solid {border-style: solid;}
p.double {border-style: double;}
p.groove {border-style: groove;}
p.ridge {border-style: ridge;}
p.inset {border-style: inset;}
p.outset {border-style: outset;}
p.none {border-style: none;}
p.hidden {border-style: hidden;}
p.mix {border-style: dotted dashed solid double;}
     <h2>The border-style Property</h2>
    <p>This property specifies what kind of border to display:</p>
    <p class="dotted">A dotted border.</p>
    <p class="dashed">A dashed border.</p>
    <p class="solid">A solid border.</p>
    <p class="double">A double border.</p>
    <p class="groove">A groove border.</p>
    <p class="ridge">A ridge border.</p>
    <p class="inset">An inset border.</p>
    <p class="outset">An outset border.</p>
    <p class="none">No border.</p>
    <p class="hidden">A hidden border.</p>
    <p class="mix">A mixed border.</p>

May this example help you.