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HTML Images

Images can enhance the user experience and help present important information in a more digestible way.

HTML Links - Bookmarks

HTML Links - Bookmarks are used to jump to specific parts of a web page.

HTML Links - Hyperlinks

Links are seen on all web pages. Links allow users to click their way from one page to another.

How to use CSS in HTML

CSS delivers layout web pages and can control multiple web pages all at once.

What is reverse DNS?

A reverse DNS lookup is a DNS query for the domain name associated with a given IP address.

HTML Comments

HTML comments are not executable in the browser, but they can help programmers to help understand code.

HTML Quotation and Abbreviations Tags

HTML Quotation and Abbreviations Tags: <abbr> - Abbreviations <blockquote> - Quotation <q> - Short quotation

HTML Text Formatting Tags

HTML Text Formatting Tags: Format elements are created to display special types of text:

HTML Styles attribute

Using the style attribute, you can design or you can set the color, width, height, font, and many more in your HTML element. Let's understand by example.

HTML Paragraphs

As you know the paragraph is a block of text and you can define it with <p> tag in Html.